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UTurn116, Inc.

"Investing in the youth of our future"

UTurn Program Virtual Online Classes Coming Soon For Juvenile Offenders

UTurn116, Inc. offers the following services:

Youth Mentoring

Helping the youth by building relationships one on one with staff to help identify gifts and talents to help build successful productive citizens.

Pastoral Youth


Offering counseling treatment for emotional and behavior issues as well as helping to manage life stressors that youth may be dealing with.

UTurn Diversion Program/Community service

Provide youth with availability to complete community service hours needed by Department of Juvenile Services, Lead4life program for diversion programs, Mentor Network program or any other agencies or schools that require youth to complete community service hours. Work alongside these agencies to help the youth to become successful strong leaders in their communities.

Afterschool Virtual Youth Groups During COVID-19 Pandemic

Helping youth stay connected in positive environment with bible study, social skills and community of friends.  Please contact us by email [email protected] if interested in having child join Virtual Youth Group.

Tuesday Night @7pm - Young Adult Virtual Bible Study

Wednesday Night @5:45pm - Virtual Youth Group