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"Investing in the youth of our future"

This week we will read the same verse every day so we can stick it in our heads and hide it in our hearts! 

Guy the Bible Guy taught us a Bible verse. He used the NIRV version of the Bible. 

James 1:5 "If any of you need wisdom, ask God for it." 

Practice the verse together with the motions. 

Then, teach this verse to someone else just like Guy taught it to Emily!

Scripture James 1:5

Previous Day's Video Devotional Monday 07/06/20

This week's Bible adventure answers a big question, 

"How do you make the right choice?" Say the answer along with Emily and Shine as you watch. 

"I ask God! God helps me make the right choice!"

Previous Day's Video Devotional Tuesday 07/07/20

Talk about the Bible story together.

1. How can you hear God in your heart? (Read the Bible, pray, sit quietly and listen, etc.)

2. What wrong choice did Adam and Eve make? (They listened to the serpent and ate the fruit God said not to eat.)